Alfred Mosher (1863)
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Final Voyage

The Alfred Mosher caught fire while tied up at Cromell's dock, Sturgeon Bay, in the old mill slip. The Mosher was moved from Cromell's dock to the east side of the slip by the tug Nelson, after which she was sprayed with water until she filled and sank. No attempt was made raise the hull, but the boiler and engine were reported to be in good condition and salvageable.
In August 1912, the boiler was recovered by Captain Thomas Isabell and was to be put into the City of New Baltimore.

"In 1933 the Weber Dredging Company was dredging at the Peterson Boat Works when it dragged up part of the stern of the Mosher. The machinery was still in the hull and was removed. The remaining hull was left to sink back into the mud." Wild Gales and Tattered Sails, Paul J. Creviere, Jr.
Service History

The tug Alfred Mosher was chartered to Captain P. Peterson of Menominee during its last voyage. He was using her for towing rafts while his tug was receiving a new boiler.
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