Mueller (1887)
Mueller with a load of Lumber
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The Edwin S. Tice was built in 1887 by the Burger and Burger shipyards in Manitowoc. In 1900 she was purchased by the Mueller Cedar Company of Chicago, rebuilt and lengthened to 172 feet.and rechristened the Mueller. She was bought and sold numerous times and spent the majority of her time in the lumber trade and often carried other cargos such as coal. She was converted into a stone barge after 1930. In 1933 she was taken to Sturgeon Bay where she was dismantled and her machinery sold. The hull was burned and scuttled at the Leathem and Smith Quarry dock..

The Mueller's stern deadwood and propeller shaft alley is located in front of the Sturgeon Bay Museum in Sturgeon Bay. Little is left of the the stone barge in 10 feet of water, near shore off of County Highway B north of Sturgeon Bay. "Lower hull of vessel is intact and partially buried by rocks and lies in 10 feet of water parallel to shore. Port side is nearly intact. Exposed length of wreck is 160 feet and width 40-45 feet. Stern is about 2 feet wide; near stern bottom, a wood shaft (1' diameter) extends several inches; above the shaft, several spikes protrude from the stern.
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