R.G. Stewart (1878)
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The R. G. Stewart was a wooden steam screw vessel used in the passenger and freight trade along both the north and south shores of Lake Superior. She had been originally constructed as a ferry and excursion boat to be used on the Niagara River.
Final Voyage

"On June 3, 1899, while on route from Hancock to Duluth, the steamer R.G.Stewart ran aground on Michigan Island in a heavy fog. During efforts to release her the following morning, fire was discovered in the boiler room. Except for the wheelman George McKenna, the crew and passengers escaped while the Stewart burned. The Stewart was insured for $6,000 and worth some $10,000."

"Remains of the hull and an artifact scatter from the superstructure of the R.G. Stewart are now partially covered by sands in the relatively shallow waters off the southeast shore of Michigan island."
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