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The port hull side has collapsed outward. It is largely intact from the transom to the bow. The centerboard trunk remains upright and visually dominates the site. The trunk is mounted atop the keelson on the vessel’s centerline. The rudder lies off the wreck site’s starboard quarter, among a tangle of wire rigging.


The centerboard trunk remains upright.


The Daniel Lyons is protected by state and federal laws. The wreck is a popular site for sport divers. The Daniel Lyons site often offers excellent conditions for taking underwater photographs and videos.


Stern section with keel, deadwood, cant frames, outer hull planking, and fashion timber.


To learn more about the Daniel Lyons history and archeological findings, read the report "Wheat Chaff and Coal Dust," by Keith N. Meverden, Tamara L. Thomsen and John O. Jensen, 2006, Wisconsin Historical Society.



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