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Many of the Fleetwing 's movable artifacts have been lost during years of looting, including the windlass , barrel staves, and unsalvaged portions of her cargo of lumber.

The schooner's anchors were taken by divers around 1956, as were ceramics, clay pipes, a lantern, and other small artifacts. A peavy hook and grating in the Gills Rock Maritime Museum (Gills Rock, WI), are attributed to the Fleetwing . One of the anchors is reported to reside at the Bank of Peoria, Peoria, IL. The windlass and many of the barrel staves reported to be from the Fleetwing were taken to the On the Rocks Diver's Lodge in Gills Rock. During the 1960's, a furniture company is said to have hauled away two flatbed truckloads of wooden timbers from the site. Over the years, divers have continued to remove smaller scantlings and loose fastenings.

This well-known wreck is undergoing a slow but continual process of human and natural attrition. Looters continue stealing the few artifacts that are left, while t he exposed portions are subject to continued wave action and damage by ice shoves.

The Fleetwing was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on July 11, 2001.

The Fleetwing is owned by the State of Wisconsin and is managed by the Wisconsin Historical Society with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources . Like all historic shipwrecks in Wisconsin waters, the wreck is protected under Wisconsin law.

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