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By this time, a lifesaving crew from Plum Island had hauled their life-saving equipment over land to the shore near the grounded ship. However, the breaking waves were too powerful, and the rescue team could offer no help to the men in the lifeboat. At the mercy of the elements, the men rowed toward shore, struggling to keep the small lifeboat from capsizing or crashing against the rocks. In the end, they were lucky. They made it through the powerful breakers and landed safely on shore. 

The Louisiana The Louisiana about 1889

Many others around the lakes were not so fortunate. The "Big Blow of 1913" blew for two more days, becoming one of the worst storms to hit the lakes in recorded history. The gale that destroyed the Louisiana also wrecked a reported 20 Great Lakes vessels, damaged 71 other ships, and drowned 248 sailors.



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