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The boiler of the Louisiana was reportedly salvaged in May of 1920 by the Leathem Smith Company of Sturgeon Bay. In August, salvagers removed the engine, scattering mechanical debris that can still be seen today. It is not known if the propeller, propeller shaft, and rudder were removed at this time or later.


diver examining Louisiana  
A diver examines the broken fore and aft cylinder mounts and engine debris.  


A large hole has been blasted through the hull in the port midships area, splintering the keelsons and removing a 15-foot section of floors, ceiling, and exterior planking. It is not known whether this is the result of salvage attempts shortly after the wreck, malicious vandalism, or an effort to remove protruding hull elements that presented a hazard to navigation.

Archaeological analysis of the wreck indicates that much of the upper hull survived the fire. It was probably ice or modern salvage that later reduced it to its present level.

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