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The Meridian is owned by the State of Wisconsin and is managed by the Wisconsin Historical Society with assistance from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Like all historic shipwrecks in Wisconsin waters, the wreck is protected under Wisconsin law.

Divers should be aware that displacement and theft of artifacts from historic shipwrecks is illegal under state law. Even seemingly harmless activities such as gathering artifacts for photography can encourage or facilitate their removal from the site by collectors. Such displacement also can hasten corrosion of artifacts and prevent researchers from understanding the original placement and function of artifacts on the ship, destroying potentially important information.

Report shipwreck looting to the DNR at 800-TIP-WDNR.

As with many other wrecks in Lake Michigan, zebra mussels have colonized the Meridian. These prolific mollusks are very difficult to control, and further colonization appears inevitable.

Please help us preserve this invaluable piece of our maritime heritage. If you visit the wreck of the Meridian, please take only pictures and leave only bubbles.


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