Marquette (1881)
Wreck site plan
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Service History

"Built in 1881 and originally named Republic, the Marquette was one of a transitional class of Great Lakes bulk freighters that began to employ innovative hull strengthening technologies to accommodate greater gross tonnage and longer hulls, while preserving stability."
Final Voyage

"The Marquette was lost under mysterious circumstances in October 1903 while hauling a cargo of iron ore out of Ashland, Wisconsin. The Lake was reportedly calm when the steamer began leaking with no obvious cause. Although she foundered rapidly,her entire crew was able to escape. She was one of six vessels to be lost by the owner, J.C. Gilchrist in the 1903 season, prompting speculation that she may have been scuttled for financial reasons."

"The Marquette lies in 215 feet of water five miles east of Michigan Island, Lake Superior. Michigan island was the Marquette's last reported destination in an attempt to beach the foundering vessel, but today the wreckage lies on a heading of 135 degrees, facing south east, away from Michigan Island." She is intact but broken up at the stern.
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