Resumption (1879)
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The Resumption and her sister ship the Ford River were both wooden schooners built in Milwaukee in 1879 for the Ford River Lumber Company. The Resumption often carried lumber from the Green Bay ports to Chicago or Wells, Michigan to Chicago.
Final Voyage

"The treacherous winds and currents of death's Door ended the career of this large 3-masted schooner as it had many others before the turn of the century. The Resumption was bound from Chicago to Wells, Michigan, sailing before a very strong southwest wind. When abreast of Plum Island she tried to come about and unfortunately missed her stays, that is, failed to turn. She shot straight onto the beach so quickly that her anchor could not be dropped soon enough to arrest her. A call for help was sent to Sturgeon Bay and the tug Torrent responded, but by the time pulling commenced she had been pushed so high onto the beach by the wind and waves that rescue was impossible. After several attempts at refloating her failed, the Resumption was stripped and abandoned. The Resumption had carried a crew of 6 and was owned by the I. Watson Stephenson Company of Wells, Michigan."

"The Resumption grounded on the south side of Plum in line with the range lights and for several years was a popular picnic and excursion site until the elements finally destroyed her remanents." "For years part of the schooner sat out of the water but time and water have taken the wreck. Today what is left of the Resumption is just small sections of the schooner's bottom sitting in 5 to 15 feet of water, quite often covered with sand."
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