Flora Webster (1871)
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The wooden steam screw Flora Webster was built in 1871 (possibly 1872) at Menasha, Wisconsin by Webster and Lawson for the purpose of transporting logs and heavy timber on the Fox River to the mill at Menasha.

The vessel had a "double wheel propeller", twin propellers, which was changed in approximately 1880 during a rebuild to a single propeller. "She was then hauled out at Green Bay and rebuilt, being very much enlarged and then taken to Milwaukee. Finding her steam power insufficient she was put in dry dock and again rebuilt and changed into a single wheel propeller and new boilers of greater power placed on board." History Of Winnebago County page 602.

October 6, 1871: First enrolled at Milwaukee.

1879: Burned while at McCormick docks in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

September 30, 1880: Last Enrollment Surrendered (as the Flora Webster): Milwaukee: "Vessel Dismantled".

Winter 1880-1881: Rebuilt by shipbuilder E.J. Cole at Green Bay, Wisconsin as a new vessel and enrolled as the George Burnham.

1914: The Geroge Burnham was converted to a sand boat.

1921 or 1922 :The former Flora Webster now the George Burnham was abandoned.
Final Voyage

The Flora Webster was dismantled in 1880 and rebuilt as a new vessel over the winter of 1880-1881 and renamed the George Burnham. The George Burnham was built as a wooden cargo ship by E.J Cole at Green Bay, Wisconsin. Length 149.0, beam 29.0, depth 10.1 and 332.78 gross tons.

The George Burnham was abandoned in either 1921 or 1922.
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