Flotilla (1891)
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The small schooner Flotilla was built in Jackson Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin by Rasmus Hansen and his brother Hans in 1891. The fifty-five foot long vessel had a mainsail, a foresail and a jib. The planking and various timbers were hand cut from trees harvested in the area. Shortly after the turn of the century a Kahlenberg gasoline engine was added.

"Rasmus ( the Denmark born builder and owner of the Flotilla)used this vessel for some years as a store, sailing from port to port selling groceries, etc. Later when the marine engines came into use, he put in a Kahlenberg gasoline engine. This was shorly after the turn of the century (probably 1902). In 1904... He then had a dock of his own that he could use for his Flotilla. He also continued with the store concept." Four Islands by Raymond McDonald.

In 1920 the Flotilla was rebuilt increasing her size to: 55 feet long, 12.5 feet beam, 5.6 feet depth of hold, 28 gross tons/ 24 net tons.

After the gas engine was added, the vessel carried mainly fish from Washington Island to Green Bay
Final Voyage

The Flotilla was filled with ballast and sunk in Detroit Harbor (off of Washington Island, Wisconsin) sometime after the turn of the century most likely 1925.

"Ole's last freighter, Flotilla was later fitted with an engine and propeller to power it. Some of the Jensenville boys bought her from Ole and had her placed on the reef off Gislason's dock to use as a club house. However, ice and seas led to the vessel's demise and very little still remains." Washington Island Through The Years by Hannes Andersen

The last document, Enrollment No.43, issued at the Port of Milwaukee on September 14, 1920 was surrendered at Milwaukee on June 24, 1925; Cause of Surrender "Dismantled and Abandoned."
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