Harvard (1902)
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Service History

The excursion steamer Harvard was built originally for Cleghorn brothers who used it for an excursion boat and it became well known for moonlight rides around the lakes. The Harvard was built by the Gleghorn Brothers (Hugh and Jack) at the Napper Boat yards. The vessel was 95 feet long and had two decks and was launched in the early spring of 1892. The engines and boilers as well as the pumps came from the Arthur Kaye originally the Arrow. The power plant was considered too small to handle a large vessel loaded with passengers. Eight tons of railroad iron were placed low in the hull for ballast.
Final Voyage

"Old age caught up with the Harvard in 1931. With the decrease in tourism that accompanied the depression, it was not economically feasible to renovate the venerable steamer. The superstructure was removed and the hull sunk just out from Williams Bay." Full Speed Ahead, Larkin
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