Jenny (1889)
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The two masted wooden scow-schooner was built in Egg Harbor in 1889 by Ole Anderson. Her official registry number was 76812.

April 1893: During a westerly gale, ice was driven into Eagle Harbor forcing the Jenny against the beach. The Jenny was readily repaired.

Last Document Of Enrollment No. 92, issued at the Port of Milwaukee on May 1, 1895 Surrendered: Milwaukee: May 8, 1896; "Total Loss. Crushed in Ice."
Final Voyage

"The Jenny, a vessel which had narrowly escaped being smashed by the ice in the spring of 1893 met an icy doom in March of 1896. She had been caught late in the season by a sudden freeze-over which ice-locked her in the middle of Ephraim Harbor. That next spring the shifting ice crushed her hull. A total loss." Wisconsin Submerged Cultural Resource Survey Historical Data Form
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