Kakabeka (1885)
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The Kakabeka was a passenger and freight propeller built in 1885 In Toronto, Canada. The vessel's official Canadian registry number is C 92611. Her capacity was 300 passengers. The Kakabeka began as a ferry operation between Port Arthur and Fort William. Later, she was used as a harbor excursion vessel and also was used to ferry passengers to and from Silver Islet, Canada.
Final Voyage

The Kakabeka foundered in Lake superior, off of Sand Island. Per Holden 1985, no account of casualty has been found; vessel believed to be a total loss.

It appears that the Kakabeka was stranded and wrecked on Sand Island in Lake Superior, but not the Sand Island that is part of The Apostle Islands. The Sand Island that lies two miles northeast of Silver Islet is a small rocky island located at the tip of the Sibey Peninsula in northwestern Ontario, Canada where a rich vein of silver was discovered in 1868 by the Montreal Mining Company.

December 12, 1895; The small Canadian propeller, Kakabeka, broke loose from her moorings at Silver Islet and went adrift in the ice headed towards Edward Island. The wind blew her back towards Silver Islet where she met her end. The wrecked Kakabeka was discovered by the tugs Mockingbird and Georgina, but the vessel was beyond any hopes of salvage. However, the machinery was eventually recovered by the Mocking Bird.
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