Arthur Kaye (1879)
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Service History

This vessel was built as the Arrow for the Sturgis family. On June 3, 1880 the Arrow was burned by arson and rebuilt April 1881. Then it was purchased by Arthur Kaye, rebuilt and used at their resort on the south shore of Lake Geneva carrying guests.

"On Wednesday evening, the 6th (July 1898) while the steamer Arthur Kaye was at her anchorage in front of the park, she was seen to be on fire. Boats immediately went out to her, the flames were soon extinguished and the boat brought to the dock. On examination it was found that the fire had started over the boiler head and the damage was confined almost entirely to the woodwork in that part of the boat. The engine and boiler were not injured and Saturday morning she went with her crew to Napper's boat yard where she will be put in good order and made to look as beautiful as before. She is expected to be ready the last of the week to make regular trips again." Lake Geneva Herald, July 6, 1898, p.5, c.1.

Later in 1898, the Arthur Kaye again caught fire, but this time she burned to the water line and sunk. The engine and machinery were later salvaged and installed in the Geneva.
Final Voyage

In 1898 she caught fire for the second time, burning to the waterline and sinking. The engine and machinery were later raised and installed in the Geneva.

The location of what remains of the Arthur Kaye had not been established. Possibly she rests near Kaye's Park on the south side of Lake Geneva.
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