Mount Vernon (1849)
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Service History

The wooden two masted schooner Mount Vernon was built in 1849 by J. O'Connor at Chicago, Illinois. Her official registry number was 16405 and in 1861 she was rated B! and valued at $4,500.

May 1851: Went ashore at Buffalo, New York.

October 1855: Sprang a leak and was repaired.

April 1856: Collided with the steamer Robert Foss on Lake Michigan.

1860: Tonnage Change to 255 60/95.

1861: Underwent large repairs.

November 1862: Broke her center board on Lake Erie while bound for Chicago with a cargo of coal.

July 1863: Lost two shrouds of her fore-rigging.

1865: Remeasured, 171.95 gross tons.

Last Document of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: 5/11/1869: "Lost".
Final Voyage

The scow schooner Mount Vernon stranded on a reef well offshore Kewaunee, after loading 2,800 ties at Dean's Pier at Kewaunee. The Mount Vernon arrived at Kewaunee on the morning of the 9th of April, 1869. She loaded all the ties that were on Dean's Pier, and that evening, after the wind sprang up from the northeast, the captain "attempted to get away". The Mount Vernon did not obey her helm, however, and went aground on a shoal offshore. The schooner ended up "broadside on and well out from shore...200 feet north of the pier and 150 feet inside, sunk even with her deck." The vessel was insured for $6,000 and probably was a total loss at $7,000.

"On 4/23/1869, the Milwaukee Sentinel reported the Mount Vernon as abandoned and going to pieces."
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