Oden (1890)
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The Oden was originally built as a wooden steam barge in 1890 at Fond du Lac, Minnesota by Holmes and Olsen and operated as a ferry. In August of 1896, Oden hit an obstruction and sank in Duluth harbor. The vessel was abandon, and her enrollment surrendered on March 31, 1903. New life came to the Oden in 1907. Salvage rights to the ship were sold to Captain James Magee who raised and rebuilt her as a scow measuring 88.5 feet X 26.6 feet X 6.6 feet. Unfortunately she sailed for one month; on July 7, 1907, theOden foundered near the city of Superior on Lake Superior. Other reports list the ship's loss off Park Point or abandoned as harbor fill; its final location remains unknown.

August 1896: Sank at Duluth after hitting an obstruction. Later raised.

March 1903: Abandoned. Documents of Enrollment surrendered.

June 1907: James Magee, the new owner, raised and rebuilt her as a scow. 88.5' long, 26.6' beam, 6.6' deep, 96 gross tons, 63 net tons.

August 1907: Beached on Park Point.
Final Voyage

On July 7, 1907, the Oden foundered near Superior, WI, on Lake Superior. No lives were lost."
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