Sydney C. McLouth (1880)
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"The steamer Sidney C. McLouth was built in 1880 and was used for many years in the package freight service on the lakes. In recent years she has been used to haul cement from Michigan points to lake ports. She has been making trips to this port for many seasons. " Green Bay Gazette 6/28/1912
Final Voyage

"The steamer Sydney C. McLouth burned in the bay of Green Bay after discharging a cargo of cement at the city of Green Bay. The fire began somewhere in the after part of the ship, and spread rapidly. With the exception of one of the engineers, who burned one of his hands, the whole crew escaped without injury. The McLouth, which had been built as a package freighter in 1880, burned to the waterline and sank in shallow water about 4 3/4 miles south east of Oconto."

The following quote referencing the Sidney C. McLouth and the Oconto break water came from Summer Sail by John B. Tarinus, 1984..."The ends of the north and south piers are marked by flashing lights. The only problem in the area is the wreck of a steamer lying 3 3/4 miles due south from the pierhead light with a depth of 4 feet over it. It is marked by a red nun."
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