T.S. Chitterton (1886)
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By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)
Service History

"In the fall of 1886 she (E.P.Weston)was abandoned as worthless and her machinery placed on the barge "Bismarck" and this craft was then called the T.S. Chitterton. Locale newspapers report; "The steamer T.S. Chittenden was loaded at one trip with 484 excursionists last Sunday up at Buffalo Lake." "The steamer Chittenden brought up a load of lumber Monday."
Final Voyage

"The steamer Chittenden sprung a leak in April of 1889, sinking to the bottom of the river at Eureka. Subsequently, Capt. M. Garrow retrieved her machinery and placed it in the hull of the burned Leander Chote, creating the C.S. Morris in 1889.
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