C.L. Fellows (1893)
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October 14, 1893: "It is feared that Capt. C.L. Fellows' tug was badly damaged by the blow Saturday. She had been launched at Foscoro the day before and left at anchor some little distance from the beach. The heavy sea caused the hull to fill and go to the bottom, but as the water is not very deep it is feared that the launching has injured the bottom. A steam pump was to be sent from here, but the weather has been so bad all week that nothing could be done. The craft was reconstructed from the old tug Tellinghast (sp), and it cost her owner $3,000 if she cost him $1." Door County Advocate 10/07/1893.
The tug may have ended up on the shore at Stony Creek. By August 1895 any hope of recovering the grounded vessel was gone and the tug was considered a total loss.

In 1893 the village of Foscoro was located at the end of today's Kennedy Road, southern Door County. Located there was a post office and the Fellows Pier. Now all there is, is Kennedy Road and Stony Creek.

The tug is apparently unnamed and any references found refer to the vessel as Captain C.L. Fellows' tug.
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