Mary Ellen Cook (1875)
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Service History

"The Mary Ellen Cook was built in 1875, and had been the pride of the sailing fleet on Lake Michigan. She made maritime history when, while under command of Captain J.M. Valentine, she rode a large wave over the Chicago breakwater while entering the harbor in a storm." "The life saving crews of various stations assisted the Mary Ellen Cook many times and in many ways over the years. Sometimes assisting her out of the harbor and sometimes getting a tug to help her when she drifted too close to the beach when on her way into port and the winds were against her."
Final Voyage

The Mary Ellen Cook's last documented year was 1922 When she was finally towed into the Sturgeon Bay yards. She was later moved to the Door County Country Club at Sturgeon Bay, painted white and used as a pier until a fire destroyed her.

"Now what is left of the Mary Ellen Cook's hull lies peacefully in the shadows of stately trees just east of the pier of Smith's Lodge dock."
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