Denmark (1846)
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The wooden two masted schooner Denmark was built in 1846 by Sanford & Moser in Cleveland, Ohio. Typical cargoes consisted of lumber, cord wood or cedar posts.

October, 1849: The schooner Denmark arrived at Chicago with loss of her fore-top during a storm.

1868: The Denmark struck a reef at Death's Door (Green Bay) and towed to Chicago for repairs.

April, 1871: The schooner Denmark struck a pier at Milwaukee and damaged her bow.

Last Document of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: 6/30/1874: "Vessel Wrecked".
Final Voyage

Late October, 1873: While sailing from Chicago to Oconto, Wisconsin, the Denmark was driven ashore in Hedgehog Harbor at Death's Door in Green Bay. Within a couple of days she was beaten to pieces by the waves. On November 1st, a crew member from the propeller Oconto stated that the Denmark had gone to pieces in a gale.

J. Long of Chicago, the owner of the Denmark, collected $800 in insurance for the vessel. But since no damages were reported and no insurance was collected on the cargo, the Denmark was probably empty at the time of the accident. Since the Denmark was headed to Oconto, she was probably travelling empty because she would be on her way to receive a load of lumber since Oconto was a major logging outlet for the area.
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