Four Brothers (1870)
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The two masted wooden lumber schooner Four Brothers was built in 1870 by Cornelius Scotch at Holland, Michigan. Port of hail was Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The vessel was valued at $5,000 and rated B1 in 1874.

March 1874: The schooner Four Brothers ran afoul of a Chicago bridge.

November 1883: Aground at Muskegon, Michigan, damage slight.

July 1887: Damaged in a collision with a mud scow in Chicago, Illinois.

Last Document Of Enrollment No. 35: Surendered: Milwaukee: 4/1/1892: "Total Loss".
Final Voyage

October 28,1892. A ninety-mile-per-hour NW gale hit the lumber schooner Four Brothers near Hedge Hog Harbor, Door County, Wisconsin. Captain Gustav Mathison of Milwaukee dropped anchors to avoid stranding the vessel, but the chain to the big anchor parted and the craft dragged the smaller anchor ashore. A group of sailors from the schooner Annie Dow stripped the vessel's outfit, but had to file suit to receive their pay.

The exact location is unknown other than near Hedgehog Harbor in Door County, Wisconsin, probably the west shore.
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