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"he schooner Ellen Couture went ashore at Horseshoe Bay (near Egg harbor in Door County, Wisconsin) on August 4, 1885. She was lying at the pier waiting for a load of lumber when the wind began to blow from the north. The captain thought it would be best to anchor outside the harbor, but the mate was confident that she would be safer where she lay and his advice was followed. Some time later the lines parted and the schooner went ashore. She struck the scow Whiskey Pete which had been lying there abandoned for some time, and the two were pounded to pieces and became a total loss. It is supposed that all of the crew were saved..." Door County Advocate 8/13/1885

The Ellen Couture and the Whiskey Pete lie just to the north of Horseshoe Bay, in 8 to 10 feet, flattened, with just ribs showing that can be seen now and then as the sand covers and uncovers them each year.
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