Greyhound (1853)
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September 19, 1859. "The loss of the brig Greyhound.- The Sheboygan papers have a full account of the wreck of the brig Greyhound in the recent gale. She went ashore opposite the Clay Banks, about one mile south of Kirkland's pier..., the rig being about 150 feet from the beach..., on the morning of the 19th, wind shifted in the NE, blowing great guns...(the Greyhound) made the Sheboygan light, ..., mistook it for the Milwaukee light, which accounts for his being so close into shore...,"
"The Greyhound had 13,000 bushels of wheat, consigned to Buffalo, which was, the captain thinks, fully insured, as well as the vessel, which was valued at $15,000. The vessel will prove a total loss." Milwaukee Sentinel 9/28/1859
One of the crew of the Greyhound was washed overboard and drowned while trying to swim to shore.

Last Document Of Enrollment: Buffalo: 8/22/1859.
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