William A. Reiss (1901)
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The William A. Reiss was bulit in 1901 at Lorain, Ohio, originally named the Frank H. Peavy, she was sold to the Reiss Coal Company in 1917 and later renamed the William A. Reiss.
Final Voyage

"The steamer William A. Reiss loaded with 7,000 tons of coal arrived off Sheboygan Harbor at about 7 pm on 10/13/1934. While attempting to enter the harbor in a northeast gale, the Reiss struck bottom about 200 feet outside the harbor entrance. The vessel was then blown to the south and she finally grounded "through her entire length". The cargo was removed and on 10/17/1934, the Reiss was pulled into Sheboygan Harbor. Later she was taken to Sturgeon Bay and cut up for scrap. Although the vessel was removed, her rudder and parts of her propeller were sheared off when she stranded, and may still remain on site."

"The only known remains of the once proud Reiss is the pilot house, now being used as part of a cottage on the south side of Sturgeon Bay." Some parts also may remain at the site of the grounding.
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