R.W. Currie (1882)
Tug R.W. Currie (1882)
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The 60 foot long wooden steam tug R.W. Currie was built in 1882 by Charles Cash and Currie at Algonac, Michigan. Her official registry number was 110535. On September 2nd, 1899, while at the Ashland dock, the Currie caught fire, but the flames were quickly put out with little damage. In 1905 she was responsible for picking up survivors from the wreck of the Sevona near Sand Island.
Final Voyage

Historical ID of this vessel is uncertain, the vessel abandoned circa 1919; reported foundered 1910 with Capt. John Paque attempting to raise her in 1912: unknown if this was successful or if the vessel ever saw service again. Holden reports that vessel may have been burned after abandonment.
James Keller reports" She was laid to rest in Red Cliff Bay some years later (after 1905). Her remains lie partially on shore, very near the H.D. Coffinberry." The "Unholy" Apostles.

"Wreck is broken up and eroded, lying in 0-4' of water.; nothing remains of her upper works. Site is 70' overall in length, consisting of lower vessel timbers from the fore foot and dead wood of the bow; aft to the stern post and rudder skeg. Vessel is broken and separated amidships..." from: 8 July 1994 Wisconsin Shipwreck Database Custom Report. Location is at the north side of Red Cliff Bay, onshore, northwest of the Ottawa.
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