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The three masted wooden barq Cecelia was built in September 1868 and rebuilt as a schooner in April 1879.

May 1871 the Cecelia collided with a Chicago bridge and lost her mizzenmast.

October 1872: The revenue cutter Andrew Johnson rescued the Cecelia which was stranded on the south end of Manitou Island.

September 1873: The Oriental collided with and sunk the Cecelia at the head of Lake Michigan. She was raised and repaired.

September 1876: The Cecelia was thrown against the dock at Point au Peleee, Ontario sustaining serious damage. To prevent further damage, she was scuttled in nine feet of water.

1879: The original rigging, three masted barquantine, was changed to three masted schooner.

Last Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: November 13, 1885: "Vessel Wrecked".
Final Voyage

On September 8, 1885 the schooner Cecelia was at Reynold's pier at Jacksonport, Wisconsin loading wood. Because of prevailing storm she moved offshore and anchored to weather out the storm. Her anchors dragged and she was thrown onto the beach on the south side of Reynold's pier.

"Capt. B. Smith, one of the owners of the schooner Cecelia wrecked at Jacksonport, went to Chicago on Friday and returned today (Wednesday) for the purpose of removing everything of value from the vessel and conveying it to Chicago. He says he has tried to get a wrecking outfit to go to the Cecelia from Chicago and Milwaukee for the purpose of getting her off, but no one would undertake the job for much less than the vessel's worth. Captain Smith has not yet decided whether he will purchase another vessel or not, but it is quite certain that nothing will be done toward releasing the Cecelia." Door County Advocate, September 17, 1885.

"September 24,1885. The wreck of the schooner Cecelia lies on the south side of Reynold's pier, about ten feet of her bow being under the pier. In case a strong southerly wind should set in, it is believed that the wreck will be driven through the pier, causing much damage thereto. An attempt was made to save the schooner's masts by pulling them out, but it being found impossible to remove them in that manner, they were cut away." Door County Advocate September 24, 1885

There are two shipwrecks in front of the park just offshore at Jacksonport. The two wrecks can be identified as the Perry Hannah and the Cecelia. Trying to determine which wreck is which is a problem since what is left is very broken up there was only six feet difference in length between the two vessels. Further archaeological investigation is needed to determine their identities.
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