Commerce (1857)
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Service History

The Commerce was built as a two masted brigantine and was rerigged as a schooner soon after 1870 or 1871.

1895; The Commerce was wrecked (thought to be a total loss) at Seul Choix in the north end of Lake Michigan. The vessel was recovered in May 1896 and put back into service.

11/6/1887; The Commerce caved in her hull on Racine Reef and was towed into the Racine piers where she sunk and again was thought to be a total loss, but she was refloated, repaired and put back into service.

10/21/1905; She went down near Sandusky Bay near Cedar point and again declared a total loss and again recovered.

Last Document Surrendered: Chicago: 12/29/09: "Vessel Lost".
Final Voyage

November 16,1909. The barge Commerce, lumber laden and bound for Chicago, waterlogged eight miles out from Sheboygan. The Commerce's consort, the steamer Sanilac, raced to Sheboygan for help while the Commerce attempted to sail the distance to Sheboygan. The tug Reiss reached the stricken barge a short time later, but the Commerce capsized. The captain and crew were rescued and the cargo and vessel were broken up.
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