Cynthia Gordon (1864)
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By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)
Service History

The wooden two masted schooner Cynthia Gordon was used to carry different cargoes such as fruit, vegetables or lumber.

Valued $1,500, Class B2: 1871.
Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: June 10, 1908: "Abandoned".
Final Voyage

The schooner Cynthia Gordon, lumber laden and bound from Escannaba to Washington Island, was beached during a gale at Detroit Harbor. The boat began "rocking and plunging" from the storm that was turning into a gale and begun to leak. When they were in sight of Washington Island the boat began to sink fast. Beaching was the only way to save the cargo and vessel. The boat was abandoned where she lay on the beach at Detroit Harbor on the south end of Washington Island, Door County, Wisconsin.
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