Major Barnum (1849)
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The wooden two masted schooner Major Barnum was built in Dexter, New York in the year 1849. The builder possibly was Joseph D. Beals who had signed the Builder Certificate dated April 21, 1849.
The vessel did not have an official registry number.

Bill of sale for the schooner Major Barnum dated 23 August 1851: James A. Bell of Dexter New York to Benjamin Baynell and James Stronach of Milwaukee.

The original enrollment: Enrollment #14, Sackette Harbor, 21 April 1849.
Last Document of Enrollment was 3/15/1854.
Final Voyage

"Ashore.-The schooner Major Barnum was driven ashore while loading at the pier at two rivers, during a heavy sea on Wednesday. We have not learned that she has thus far sustained any damage." Manitowoc Hearald 9/16/1854. "Went ashore in a gale near Two Rivers, sold as she lies to a builder at Two Rivers for $500." MS. Hirthe

POSSIBILITY: "The wreck of a vessel was located by Ernest Schmidt's dredge at work making the stilling basin on the north side of the harbor channel at Two Rivers. The vessel was loaded with a general cargo of hardware. Old settlers say she came from Buffalo and was bound for Chicago, and stranded at that place in 1853. The name of the vessel can not for a certainty be remembered. The crew of nineteen was rescued from the schooner by fishermen at Two Rivers." Door County Advocate 5/13/1909.
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