Mariner (1854)
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The wooden two masted schooner Mariner was built by the Stevens (Harvey) & Presley (George) Shipbuilders in Cleveland, Ohio in 1854. Some sources say she was built in 1852. In 1861, the Board of Lake Underwriters rated the Mariner at C1 and valued her at $600. In 1874 she was valued at $1,800. and rated B1.

1869, June: Aground at Two Rivers.

1872: Repaired.

1874, September: Collided with the schooner Industry in Lake Michigan.

1877; Received a new deck.

Last Document of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: 7/13/1895: "Total Loss".
Final Voyage

"While sailing from Menominee to Kewaunee, this schooner Mariner suffered such serious leakage that she became waterlogged and unmanageable. Consequently she was run aground on Green Island and the cargo of lumber was transferred to the schooner Lady Ellen. The Mariner was left as a total loss because she was too old to salvage profitably."

"Another ancient craft gone to the bone yard. The schooner Mariner became waterlogged while bound to Kewaunee from Menominee last week, and was run on Green Island, where she will be permitted to rest. The cargo was transferred to the schooner Lady Ellen and delivered at its destination, she was built in 1854." Door County Advocate July 20, 1895.

When the cargo of lumber was transferred to the Lady Ellen, they pulled off her deck in order to do so and discovered that the hull was so rotten that it would not stay together.
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