Wisconsin (1882)
Wisconsin During its Time as a Passenger Steamer
Wisconsin during its time as the F & P.M. No. 1
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The steamer F. & P.M. No.1 was named after the Flint and Pere Marquette Railroad the original owner of the vessel. She had both steam and sail, could carry up to 20,000 bushels of grain in the hold, package freight between decks and had accommodations for 25 passengers on the main deck. In 1899 she was renamed the Wisconsin after she had been sold to the Barry Brothers Transportation Company. In 1919 she was refitted as a tow barge. During her life she had been involved in several serious incidents and changed hands a number of times.
Final Voyage

In 1935 the Wisconsin was abandoned by her owner, Thomas Finn, and allowed to rest partially submerged at her dock in Marinette harbor. Because she became an obstruction to navigation, the government paid Captain Gallagher to tow her out to deep water off the south end of Green Island and scuttle her. A picnic was arranged and people were ferried out to Green Island to witness the Wisconsin burning to the waterline and sinking.

"The Wisconsin was burned to the waterline at the time of scuttling. Remains are bilges, steel frames & spikes of hull forming a "rib cage", the anchor chain (piled at the bow end), the rudder (attached to the stern), bilge pumps and other machinery. The wreck lies in 85 feet of water."
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