Nellie Church (1867)
Scow Schooner Nellie Church on beach at Manitowoc
From: Door County Advocate 1894-07-14
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The wooden two masted scow-schooner Nellie Church was built at Fort Howard in 1867. Her official registry number was 18099 and she was rated B2 and valued at $3,500 in 1874 by the Board of Lake Underwriters. She appears to have been used primarily for hauling lumber on Lake Michigan from Manitowoc to as far south as Chicago.

1877: Rebuilt.

October 1883: Sank at Sheboygan. Raised and repaired at Locklin's Shipyard.

Fall 1886: Went ashore at North Bay.

March 1887: The tug George Nelson pulled off the Nellie Church from North Bay in Door County and taken to Manitowoc for repairs.

The Independent 1887-05-27 "Tug Geo. Nelson went to North Bay last Sunday to pull of the scow Nellie Church., which went ashore there last fall. The job was a successful one and the scow was towed to Manitowoc where she will receive some necessary repairs. She is not damaged much and is a good hull. If her propensity of going on the beach can be overcome, she ought to be a paying craft."
Final Voyage

The Advocate April 22,1899: "W.C. Richards, of Manitowoc purchased the old scow Nellie Church and had her planted on the beach south of Manitiowoc harbor to serve as a breakwater for the protection of his property."
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