Three Sisters (1901)
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By The Numbers
Lives Lost
Depth (ft)
Service History

The last season for the small schoonerThree Sisters/ was spent trading among the towns that surrounded Green Bay. Last Document Surrendered Milwaukee 12/6/1912: "Vessel Lost."
Final Voyage

"After loading cargo at Chadoir's dock in the town of union, the gas schooner Three Sisters started for Cedar River on 11/22/1912. While on Green Bay the vessel was caught in a severe gale on 11/23. The Three Sisters ran before the gale and finally came to anchor off Red River. By Sunday the gale had not diminished and the little schooner had sprung a leak and was pounding the bottom." With the surf breaking completely over the schooner, Captain Klumb attempted to swim to shore, but was drowned. A second crewman died of exposure, while a third was killed after being taken off the Three Sisters in a small boat launched from shore when the rescue boat capsized while returning to shore. On 11/30 and 11/31/1912, the remains of the Three Sisters were stripped, and the hull was left to rot on the beach."
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