Webster Batchelder (1880)
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Final Voyage

"While lying at the Leathem and Smith wharf at Red River, the Batchelder was destroyed by an early morning fire which engulfed the vessel so quickly that the crew had barely enough time to escape. Soon the blazing hull capsized, resulting in her total loss. The craft was in Red River to pick up a log raft belonging to her owners, the Island Lumber Company. This raft had been cut loose four days earlier during a storm by Captain Dalton of the Batchelder. Unfortunately, the raft broke up and the logs were scattered all along the shore. In January of 1890, Captain John Walker contracted to remove the sunken ship's boiler and engine. By February, both were sitting on the ice. The engine was dragged to shore and placed in the tug, A. Mosher. However, the boiler was left out too long and fell back through the softening ice. The following November the boiler was again salvaged, this time by Leathem and Smith. They attempted to transport the massive metal chamber by boat to Sturgeon Bay, but encountered a storm en route. During the blow, the tow line parted and the boiler sank in 50 feet of water somewhere between Little Sturgeon and Sturgeon Bays." The Door County Advocate reported that as of 12/28/1892 the boiler was still on the bottom of the Red River.
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