Arkansas (1849)
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Service History

The wooden schooner Arkansas, built in 1849, was two masted, with one deck and a scroll head.

1849-1850 Three enrollments at Sackett's harbor, New York
1852 Fall Ashore at Long Point in lake Erie with a cargo of railroad iron.
1853, April 28 Raised by Captain Dorr and towed to Buffalo, New York by the tug Tifft. She was then drydocked in order to make repairs.
1854 Enrolled at Buffalo, New York
1855 November Stranded at Green Bay, Wisconsin, Lake Michigan
1856-1857 Enrolled at Chicago, Illinois
1858 Stranded and broken up at Kenosha, Wisconsin
Final Voyage

In June of 1858 the schooner Arkansas when attempting the harbor entrance at Kenosha, Wisconsin, missed and went aground on the bar just north of the piers. After breaking up, she was a total loss. The cargo of lumber was reported as being saved.
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