Conquest (1853)
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Service History

The two masted, wooden schooner Conquest was built in 1853 and was used to carry lumber, cedar and at times cobblestone.
April 1865: Remeasured at Milwaukee.
September 1873: Stranded and released Fox Point.
August 1875: Ashore near Milwaukee in a gale.
September 1875: The Brann Brothers of Bailey's Harbor purchased the Conquest which had been sold at Marshall's sale on a claim of unpaid sailors wages.
Spring, 1881: The Conquest underwent a thorough rebuild from the keel up in Sheboygan. The vessel was made more seaworthy and the lumber carrying capacity was increased to 170,000 board feet.
Last Document Surrendered: Sheboygan, Wisconsin: June 22, 1899: "Total Loss".
Final Voyage

The schooner Conquest capsized in the vicinity of Sheboygan's North Pier, probably in June, 1899. The abandonded remains of the schooner reportedly lie near the north breakwater of Sheboygan. After the accident, neither the owners of the vessel nor the vessel itself were located. She was listed as a total loss and her last document was surrendered on June 22, 1899.
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