Kate Hinchman (1862)
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The wooden schooner Kate Hinchman was built by James M. Jones at Detroit, Michigan in 1862. Her official registry number was 14036. Lake Vessel Register 1866 lists the Kate Williams owner as H.G. Wallbridge of Toledo, her value as $10,000 and her class as A1. In 1874 she was valued at $8,000 and rated B1.

June 1862: Collided with the scow C.C. Butts on Lake Huron.

June 1863: Collided with the schooner Rose Dousman on Lake Erie.

May 1866: Collided with the schooner Meteor off Oswego Harbor.

July 1866: Sunk in the St. Mary's River with a cargo of iron ore. Later raised.

November 1867: Dismasted on Lake Erie.

June 1869: Collided with the schooner Ben Flint off of Chicago.

October 1869: Went aground on the White Shoals on Lake Michigan with a load of lumber.

November 1871: Collided with the propeller Winslow and schoonerTraveller and lost jibboom and bowsprit.

October 1872: Went aground on the Colchester Reef on Lake Erie with a cargo of corn.

April 1877: Sunk in Ogden's canal in Chicago and later raised.

1895: Sprung a leak and became waterlogged and grounded near Menominee, Michigan.

June 1897: Converted to an unrigged barge to become engaged in the stone trade. She was cut down 18" and a new deck added.
Final Voyage

Three schooners ended their days of sail when in 1903 they were dismantled, loaded with stone, and sunk in the marine cemetery at the Leathem and Smith quarry dock. The Emerald, Kate Hinchman, and the Bay State thus became submerged cribs. It had been a short life in stone hauling for the Hinchman and Emerald. They had been placed in service just three years before.

The Kate Hinchman was temporarily taken out of retirement and put to use hauling Christmas trees. Finally, she was taken to the mouth of Sturgeon Bay and sunk for use as a dock for Thomas Smith.

From the "Boneyard of the Great Lakes": "Sch. - Kate Hinchman - wrecked out in the lake; hulk came ashore and was towed to the "boneyard".
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