Maple Leaf (1854)
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Service History

The wooden two masted schooner Maple Leaf was built at Buffalo, New York by George S. Weeks in 1854. Her official registry number was 29982. In 1861 the Board of Lake Underwriters valued her at $7,000 and rated her at A2. By 1863 she was valued at $6,200 and rated B2.

1856, July: Repaired leaks at Detroit.

1860, May: Collided with the schooner Massillon on Lake Michigan. She was repaired at Grand Haven.

1862, June: Aground on Lake Huron at Kettle Point.

1864, May: Collided with the schooner Bill Ahandon.

Last Document of Enrollment: Milwaukee: 4/29/1863. When surrendered is unknown.
Final Voyage

"Schooner Maple Leaf a total loss.-- We learn from R. Gonnio, the mate of the Leviathan, that this vessel, which ran ashore upon Detroit Island, at the entrance to Green Bay, lies upon a bed of rocks. Her bottom is so badly stove in as to render her a total wreck, and she will accordingly be stripped of her outfit and abandoned... Her port of hail was Oswego." Milwaukee Sentinel 11/07/1867.

"The wrecks of the Grapeshot and Maple Leaf which went ashore at "Death's Door" last fall have been stripped and abandoned." Door County Advocate 1868-07-23.

Note: C. Patrick Labadie comments that she was made into a barge in 1869 and carried 200,000 feet of lumber.
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