E.P. Royce (1873)
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The three masted wooden schooner E.P. Royce was built at Sac Bay, Michigan in 1873. The vessels valuation was $4,000 and was rated B1. She was in the lumber trade with cargoes of cedar posts, slabs, timber, and telegraph and telephone poles.

September, 1876: Ashore at Canadian Point au Sable, in four feet of Lake Huron water. The tug James.H. Martin later released her by dredging a 400 foot long, 30 foot wide channel.

May,1884: Rebuilt after she collided with the Marengo of Sheboygan. The foresail, mainsail and mizzen rigging were carried away and her starboard quarter was stove in.

July 23, 1885: Collided with the propeller Jarvis Lord off Skillagalee.

August, 1887: Lost canvas and was leaking off Kenosha. later repaired.

1890: In the lumber trade, Chicago to Port Huron. Towed by the steambarge May Durr.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: 6/30/1894: " Abandoned, Total Loss".
Final Voyage

November 25th, 1893. The schooner E.P. Royce is ashore just south of Cana Island at Little Harbor and will doubtless become a total loss. She was engaged in picking up the cargo of ties and posts from the wrecked schooner Windsor when the storm with high winds set in Saturday night, and being unable to get away, was driven on the beach, where she now lies. The crew managed to reach the shore in safety without any assistance and are at Baileys Harbor. Much of the cargo of cedar in the Royce's hold washed out but some still remains.The craft will in all probability go to pieces as nothing has as yet been done toward releasing her.

By the following June, the schooner H. Badger removed any of the remaining cargo and delivered it to Chicago. In August, the schooner D.L. Filer arrived to remove anything salvageable, mainly rigging and took it to Sturgeon Bay.
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