Fairfield (1846)
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The wooden two masted schooner Fairfield was built in Canada; Niagara, Ontario in 1846. Was in U.S. registry by 1864. In 1863 the vessel was valued at $5,000 and rated B1.

1856: Rebuilt, same tonnage.

January, 1858: ashore at Clayton, New York, released and repaired.

1861: Large repairs. In July lost mast from lightning strike on the St. Lawrence River.

May, 1863: Aground at Clayton, New York, released. In July, collided with the Anna E. Raynor.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: 12/21/1869: "Lost".
Final Voyage

September 29, 1869. The schooner Fairfield, bound from Chicago to Bailey's Harbor for a cargo of wood, stranded upon the reef off north point, near the entrance to Bailey's Harbor, close to the lighthouse. She soon filled with water, was scuttled broadside on a rock ledge to avoid further damage. The tug O.B. Green was used to pull the Fairfield off the rocks, but did not succeed. The following week the Fairfield was abandoned and the vessel was later stripped. By mid-October the masts washed away and the hull was going to pieces. Early spring of 1870 found the Taylor washed ashore.
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