Josephine Lawrence (1854)
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The wooden two masted schooner Josephine Lawrence was built in Milwaukee by George Barber in 1854. In 1874 the vessel was valued at $2,800 and rated at B1. The official registry number was 12976.

November 1854: Sank after striking a rock in the Detroit River.

May 1856: Ashore at Sheboygan.

1869: Major repairs.

August 1872: Collided, "run down by", and sank with the propeller barge Favorite. The cargo of wood kept her afloat. Righted and towed to Manitowoc for repairs.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: 10/16/1880: "Total Loss".
Final Voyage

October 16, 1880: While enroute with rubble stone from Washington Island bound for Chicago, during the Alpena Gale, the schooner Josephine Lawrence took refuge in Bailey's Harbor. The wind shifted and the anchor began dragging and at 2:00 pm Saturday, the chain parted and the Lawrence was pushed ashore. The stranded vessel was so old and so loaded down that she was abandoned and eventually worked her way down in the sand so far that only part of the hull was visible.

The Josephine Lawrence, lying near the schooners Pauline and Peoria, has worked herself down to such an extent that she is nearly covered with sand, nothing but a small portion of her hull now being visible. The schooner was later salvaged.
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