Scow No. 2 (a)
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Final Voyage

October 19, 1896: "Dragged anchors and stranded during heavy wind and sea while holding a raft of logs outside harbor entrance. Tug went out and put three men on board to let out more chain; but the scow continued to drag, and a line was then run to the pier and made fast. Another tug was telephoned for, and when she arrived she signaled for the life-saving crew, who pulled out again. Tugs could not reach scow, because of shoal water but surfmen managed to run a line to tug L.P. Hill after hard work. A little later this tug was disabled by getting a line in her wheel and had to be towed to Manitowoc. The scow had now dragged onto the beach with her raft, and was in danger of going to pieces in the surf. The surfmen succeeded in rescuing the three men after hazardous efforts, and landed them safely. Scow was scuttled on the 25th to prevent further injury, but went to pieces on Nov. 23. (should this be the 28th?) . USLSS 1897:119-120
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