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The steam sand scow Josephine was designed as a sand sucker. The vessel was built in Milwaukee in 1874 by the shipbuilders Allan, McClelland & Company. She was built for Hiram R. Bond Company of Milwaukee. The vessel's official registry number was 75763.

April 1877: While at a dock in Milwaukee, was damaged by fire.

August 1879: Struck a pier at Manistee, Michigan and sank, later raised and repaired.

June 1882: Steamboat inspectors grounded the Josephien for not having a proper boiler.

April 1883: Pumped out the schooner Two Brothers on the Monominee River.

March 1887: Overhauled while in the dry dock of Wolf & Davidson's shipyard.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Milwaukee: 4/17/1888: "Wrecked".
Final Voyage

"The steam sand scow Josephine ran on a rock in Whitefish Bay yesterday afternoon and sunk. Her crew of four men escaped in a small boat and reached the shore, but afterwards returned to the wreck, and were brought into the harbor between 6 and 7 o'clock last evening.
The accident occurred about 3 o'clock. Capt. Michael Daly, her master, was not aboard, having been in Janesville attending the funeral of his wife's brother, and he did not return until noon yesterday. He had left the boat in charge of one of the crew, who had been on board of her two years, and who, it was supposed, was familiar with the shore. Incoming back after getting a full cargo, the man kept her too close into the shore, and brought up on a shoal about three miles below North point. Her starboards have struck n a big boulder, which lifted her out of the water until she careened over and her port rail sank five or six feet under water. The crew hurriedly launched their boat and pulled away from the wreck, as she settled down. On reaching the shore they telephoned to her owners, H.R. Bond and Company, and the tug E.D. Holton, with Capt. Daly on board, was dispatched to the wreck. It was impossible for the tug to get in close to the wreck and she returned to the harbor bringing the crew with her.
As far as could be seen from the tug, the scow appeared to have been broken in two, at least she was badly twisted, her starboard bow being out of the water, while all the rest of her was below water except her pilot house aft..." Milwaukee Sentinel 4/15/1888
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