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The wooden schooner Kearsarge was built by shipbuilder John Oades at Clayton, New York in 1864. In 1874 the vessel was valued at $7,500 and rated B1. The official registry number was 14042.

August 1873: Wrecked in Good Harbor Bay, Lake Michigan while enroute to Chicago.

1874: Extensive repairs were made to the Kearsarge.

Last Document Of Enrollment Surrendered: Chicago: 12/15/1880: "Total Wreck".
Final Voyage

Monday night, October 12, 1880, Racine; The schooner Kearsarge, laden with hardwood lumber bound for Chicago from Traverse Bay, ran onto Racine Reef (east of the Racine Reef Lighthouse which was torn down in 1961 and replaced by a skeleton tower) and stove a hole in its bow. The United States Lifesaving Service rescued the crew. However, when the Kearsarge was pulled free, she rolled on her side and capsized. The vessel was then towed into Milwaukee harbor by the tug Holdon. All attempts to right the schooner by the tug Monitor failed. A northeast sea drove the vessel up onto the beach where she went to pieces.

"Racine, Oct.12.- Monday night about 10 o'clock the schooner Kearsarge, of Chicago, ran on the reef off this port, knocking a big hole in her bow, and she filled with water. She was loaded with hardwood lumber and bound for Chicago. Immediately after the mishap a heavy sea commenced rinning from the northeast, which caused the craft to break in two, and she will undoubtably prove a total wreck, as she is old. The outfit and cargo of the craft will be saved, and she is fully insured." Milwaukee Sentinel 10/13/1880.

"The schooner Kearsarge, which rolled over on her beam ends after getting outside of Racine Harbor, was towed here in that condition by the tug Hoton, and lies outside of the harbor piers at this port. An effort was made yesterday to right her with the scow Monitor, but it failed." Milwaukee Sentinel 10/23/1880.

"On Monday the insurance company interested in the schooner Kearsarge had about concluded to squander no more money in her attempt to right her. Yesterday afternoon the northeast seas performed the job with neatness and dispatch, but drove the vessel so high upon the beach that she will undoubtably be permitted to remain. " Milwaukee Sentinel 10/27/1880
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