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The wooden two masted scow schooner Sailor Boy was built in 1866 by C.E. Owen at Algonac, Michigan. The official registry number was 23105 and she was rated B2 and valued at $3,500 by the Board of Lake Underwriters in 1874.

Last Document of Enrollment: Surrendered: Milwaukee:6/30/1883: "Total Loss".
Final Voyage

"The fore and aft schooner which went on the beach at Bay View at an early hour yesterday...was the Sailor Boy of Milwaukee. When the lifesaving crew reached the vessel at an early hour in the morning the vessel was entirely deserted. She had been driven so high on the beach that as soon as she struck, a number of persons who had gathered on the beach succeeded in getting a line from shore to her, on which her crew of four men made their escape. The Sailor Boy was lumber laden from Pierpoint to Milwaukee and her cargo was being washed stone. Although she was high and dry on the beach it was thought last evening that she would prove a total loss, and she was pounding heavily and considerably hogged..." Milwaukee Sentinel 5/22/1883

"Capt. Evenson of the Life-Saving Station, has purchased the wreck of the scow Sailor Boy, except her cargo of wood, the running gear and canvas, for $100. He has recovered a considerable portion of it." Milwaukee Sentinel 5/28/1883.

From the USLSSR 1883:239-241 Sailor Boy, sch.: "Soon after midnight of the 20th... the crew of the Milwaukee Station (Eleventh District) ... saw another vessel drive ashore about a mile and a half further south, or two miles from the station. The keeper at once ordered the gear down to her as quickly as possible, he and one surfmen going ahead with a heaving line and life preservers. When within a half mile of her, however, he met the crew of three men, who had managed to land a few minutes before throwing the end of a line to some men on the beach, and climbing down it, the vessel being nearly high and dry. Their vessel was the schooner Sailor Boy, of Milwaukee bound into that place from Pier Port, Michigan , with a cargo of wood. She had anchored outside, but the gale coming on, her cable parted and she drove ashore. The crew were taken to the keeper's house and given refreshments...The vessel became a wreck, the life-saving crew helping to strip her when it became apparent she could not be got off."
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Shipwrecks (84)
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