Snow Drop (1853)
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The Snow Drop started her career carrying grain between Cleveland and Milwaukee and hauled lumber during the later part of her life. She was one of the oldest schooners sailing the lakes and had many repairs during her life including extensive refurbishings and recaulkings.
Final Voyage

"One of the oldest schooners sailing the lakes, the Snowdrop of Chicago, drifted ashore on North Point opposite the lighthouse yesterday afternoon. A heavy sea was rolling and the boat went to pieces on the rocks. The Snowdrop was headed for the harbor here when she struck the rocks. The crew was trying to bring the vessel "about" when a portion of her rigging gave way and she drifted on the reef. Distress signals were displayed and some one on shore telephoned to the office of the Independent Tug Company for a tug. The Coe went immediately to assist the Snowdrop, but it was found impossible to aid the vessel and she had drifted too near the shore and the tug had not a line long enough to reach her." "Finding that nothing could be done towards assisting the vessel the Coe returned to the city and the Snowdrop was left to pound to pieces. At a late hour last night a telephone message was received from the Lake-shore Clubhouse stating that the vessel was fast going pieces and that she would be a total wreck." "The hull of the schooner Snowdrop was examined yesterday and it was decided that she was not worth raising."

"The Snowdrop was abandoned on the rocks at North Point and eventually was flattened by a year of ice and waves. What are thought to be her remains were located off the old North Point water pumping station in the early 1970s.. This keel and ribs may also belong to the schooner Alma, Measurements would need to be taken to conclusively identify the remains."
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